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Plastic honeycomb material can effectively reduce body weight and improve fuel efficiency


The technology called ThermHex has attracted the interest and investment of many European and North American companies because of the continuous insertion of thermoplastic honeycomb core materials into metal casings.Plastic honeycomb materials can significantly reduce the weight of the car body, which in turn helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions to meet increasingly stringent emission reduction standards.

Leading the way in the UK is Tata Steel, which uses EconCore's technology to combine in-situ PP honeycomb cores with Colorcoat Prisma preformed steel sheets to produce a composite called Coretinium.The stiffness/weight ratio material brings great value to Tata Steel's commercial transportation customers.

Passenger transport is a demanding area that requires both performance and compliance.Coretinium is made of refractory steel and meets industry standard R118-Annex 6, which is ideal for passenger vehicle floors.It is also suitable for buses, especially the engine compartment, which gives manufacturers the ideal choice for lightweight, hard and fully compatible.

Overall, with its unique combination of high performance aesthetics, the Coretinium is the ideal solution for reducing vehicle weight and emissions and increasing payload.Coretinium materials are expected to be more widely used in transportation, such as bus floors, trailer sidewalls, and commercial trailer doors, flooring and recreational trailers.

In North America, Wabash National ranks first in commercial transportation.According to informal statistics on the US highway, four out of every 10 truck trailers bear the Wabash National logo.Excitingly, EconCore will work with Wabash National to innovate in commercial transportation.With over 20 years of DuraPlate composites, Wabash National has been a leader in materials innovation and is now taking DuraPlate composites to the next level.

Earlier this year, Wabash National demonstrated the DuraPlate honeycomb core board produced using EconCore technology.For truck bodies, these panels are carefully designed to provide optimum performance throughout the entire process.Honeycomb core panels are 22% lighter than solid composite panels, and lighter panels are more durable than existing products.This year, the truck body uses the momentum of cellular technology and greatly enhances the production capacity of EconCore.

EconCore has invested a lot of energy in the application and process development of the EU-assisted organic sandwich panel project.The core is made of a thermoplastic honeycomb core and the outer skin is a continuous glass fiber reinforced composite.The advent of organic sandwich panels has expanded the range of material combinations for commercial trailers, providing another means of reducing weight and increasing profitability.For example, traditional GRP laminated plywood is 60% lighter than this organic sandwich panel.And trailers made with traditional GRP laminated plywood weighed 6.5 metric tons, while those made with organic sandwich panels weighed about 18% (1.15 tons).This means saving a lot of fuel or increasing the unit's cargo capacity, even for a medium-sized fleet, this will be a huge improvement.

Further innovative applications of organic sandwich panels include the manufacture of light transmissive panels that can be installed as sun panels in trailer and truck body roofs.Due to the low density honeycomb core, the organic sandwich panel is essentially a hard, lightweight material.Organic sandwich panels are being considered for a variety of transportation applications as the trend to replace heavy components with lighter components in the drive and ultimately reduce carbon dioxide emissions.This material not only provides the rigidity and impact resistance required by the automotive industry, but also weighs less than conventional components.

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